She represents the everyday, emancipated woman. At our southern neighbours, her figure is inextricably linked with the resistance against the old ruling class. Her name, Marianne is a combination of the two most common French names of the time, Marie and Anne. Here, in this creative studio, Marianne refers to the names of her founding mothers, Marjolein and Anneke. Marianne thus functions as an alter ego for two graphic designers who live and work in Antwerp. Our Marianne is young. Her designs are refined and fresh, her eye for detail is striking. Although she can be outgoing, extravert and impulsive, she also has a structured and soft side to her. In her practice she mainly focuses on printed matter, branding and websites, yet she is open to less obvious projects from both small and large clients. Curious about exploring the boundaries of graphic design, Marianne often wanders the gray zone, looking for opportunities to experiment without restraint.

Albrecht Rodenbachstraat 19
2140 Antwerpen

Marjolein Van herck
+32 493 59 94 09
Anneke Verheyen
+32 470 59 03 84

past & current clients

CC Strombeek
Bea Joppen
Sint Lucas Antwerp

featured in / on

2020: Sint Lucas Antwerp, Final Start (Masters Expo)
2020: Billboard Project Antwerp, Quarantine Edition
2020: Flanders DC, De coronacrisis: creativiteit redt de wereld